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Print with personality

Our digital printing technology is second to none. We’re constantly investing in printing and cutting machinery and we offer digital printing for both packaging and point of sale.

Single Pass Digital Printing

Fast job turns and rapid business growth in a single pass.

The EFI Nozomi C18000 enables cost-effective, high-quality, direct-to-board digital printing and eliminates expenses and a great number of steps associated with printing plates, printing, and lamination in traditional analogue production.

How can digital print transform your business?

  1. Investment in new technology
  2. Increased shelf stand out
  3. Flexibility on print substrates
  4. Perfect for e-commerce
  5. Print flexibility
  6. Inventory reduction
  7. Sustainability
  8. Enhanced graphics
  9. Streamlined origination
  10. Promotional launches
  11. Speed to market

Read on to find out how—


01. Investment in new technology

Fabulous colour with flexibility and flair.

Launch with this. Work with us on this new technology and change the way you buy corrugated.


02. Increased shelf stand out

Make your graphics come alive.

Make your product stand out on shelf with bright, bold and vibrant graphics on any corrugated substrate. Enhanced quality. Accurate brand colours.


03. Flexibility on print substrates

Vibrant print upon a wide range of papers.

You can have the same bright, bold and vibrant graphics on brown, white or coated corrugated substrates.


04. Perfect for e-commerce

Enliven the unboxing experience.

Enhance your e-commerce packaging with bright, bold and vibrant graphics on any corrugated substrate. Double sided prints. Taping - including twin tapes - enabling returnable packs.


05. Print flexibility

Freedom from old fashioned origination.

Collate your print runs. Reduce your MOQ and stock inventory. Make graphic changes without traditional costs.


06. Inventory reduction

Order only what you need.

Reduce stock holding and free up capital.
Become flexible.


07. Sustainability

Print only what you need.

Reduce waste. Optimise paper weights. Order only what you need.


08. Enhanced graphics

Vibrant graphics exceeding expectations.

Challenge analogue print technologies with bright, bold and vibrant graphics. Enhanced quality and accurate brand colours.


09. Streamlined origination

Free from hassle.

Simplify set-up, with no printing plates, total flexibility.


10. Promotional launches

The new standard, the future is here today.

Flexibility. Rapid origination. Streamline set up. Bright vibrant graphics. Enables fast impactful promotional launches.


11. Speed to market

Freedom from old fashioned constraints.

Rapid origination enables faster turnarounds for new product or where demand is erratic. Get your product in to supply faster.


What our people say

A few words from Peter Coughlin, Print manager at our Darlington site, on the future of print for corrugated.

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