Cepac has a dedicated Point of Sale Design and Production site

Have a look below to see our award winning offering...

We are experts at Free Standing Display Units

  • We can produce Flat Packed display units which assemble at lightning speed. Pictured on the left is our award winning Harry Potter stand.


  • Creating POS displays with an understanding of the retail environment is part of our design DNA.


  • We can make bespoke tailor made solutions for you and of course Smart Graphics are key.

The WOW factor

  • When nothing less than a “Shopper Stopping” WOW display will do.


  • Our in-house Graphic and Structural Designers will flex their creative muscles to push the boundaries of POS possibilities. These ambitious structures bring drama and interest to the retail experiences enhancing any brand presence in store.


  •  Cepac’s state of the art digital production facilities will bring these concepts to reality.


Designed Fit for Purpose

  • The mainstay of any retail marketing activity. Our team of expert Account Handlers and Designers will help navigate your brand through the complexities of retailer guidelines.


  • A considered and well-informed solution will be delivered to the Brand and Retailer.  


  • Cepac’s wide-ranging testing protocols ensures the displays are designed to be fit for purpose and are sent to store with the confidence that they will perform for the duration of the promotion.

We can help educate and persuade

  • We apply our understanding of the shopper journey to amplify your brands power in store.


  • Even before a shopper holds the product in their hand, our considered design communications educate, persuade, and inspire.  

Together we achieve more

We believe in working collaboratively at all levels of our business. Get in touch with one of our experts to find the right solution for your requirements.


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