Paper Based Trays to suit your food choice.

Thinking of packaging for food? Think Flutepac!

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Suitable for all film applications

How do you pack your fruit?

Our standard ranges are designed with lidding in mind.


  • Flow wrap
  • Lidding
  • Stretch film

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Treat your treats

Flutepac products are designed for all kinds of food types. With a range of bespoke options.

• Shallow
• Deep
• One piece
• Two piece
• Window patched
• Lidded
• Rectangular
• Octagonal
• Clamshell
• Web cornered (for leak protection)

Corrugated food range

The Flutepac sustainable packaging range was developed in 2019 and launched to the market in 2020.

Thanks to its corrugated base material, Flutepac is an ideal packaging option for producers, packers, retailers, brand owners and consumers.


Flutepac is a range of packaging materials that are sustainable, environmentally sound and premium.

Flutepac corrugated products are robust and have clearly defined raw material sourcing. Recycling is easy, clean and energy efficient and all of the products are biodegradable and compostable.

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