Cepac delivers for bonfire night

When most people think of dangerous goods they jump to chemicals. But at this time of year when the nights close in a more obvious choice might be pyrotechnics—in the form of fireworks!

When transporting these fun, but potentially hazardous products we provide specialist U.N. certified boxes to our clients. This packaging maintains strength in transit, keep the contents dry, safe and (crucially) undamaged throughout the supply chain.

The design and production of these packs must adhere to strict guidelines regarding the specification and make-up where it must achieve a specialist certification.

After design, but before certification, we conduct stringent in-house quality checks on our boxes, regardless of their intended use. An example of this might be drop testing, which we have capability for at our Rawcliffe site.

So, this November, when you handle your fireworks with care, rest assured that we have too.

“We’ve taken our first delivery of approved firework boxes from Cepac, the experts in dangerous good packaging. We were very impressed with their knowledge and expertise. They were with us every step of the way.”

—Nick Barrass, Production Manager, 21CC Group Ltd