2021 Winners - Reusable Pack of the Year

2021 Winners - Reusable Pack of the Year

Friday 14 January 2022

Cepac won the award for Reusable Pack of the Year at the 2021 UK Packaging Awards.


Explain how the pack met the brief?

The original brief was to provide a recyclable, reusable packaging solution. Key objectives were to reduce cost, damages and plastic content whilst offering protection of the high gloss finishes found on kitchen doors. This pack offers protection of the product without using plastic foam or bubble wrap through the innovative use of a ‘soft-liner’ coating applied to the inner paper liner. 

Damages were also substantially reduced (by up to 50%) using the soft liner coated corrugated vs the previous plastic-coated folders, secured by Velcro and using bubble wrap with jiffy foam to protect the parcel. 

The pack is fully recyclable and has removed circa 24 tons of plastic from the supply chain. 

The packaging is used to send the sample kitchen doors out to the end customer. They then review the doors in their home surroundings before returning the doors for a refund which allows the doors to be reused and reduces waste further.

How does this demonstrate innovation?

Whereas normal paper fibres offer a certain amount of friction due to the rough surface, and as a result will cause scratches on a high gloss finish, our innovative packaging provides a coated and corrugated surface area which is 100% scratch free. The coating also improves the puncture resistance of the material and increase the life of the packaging allowing multiple uses. 

The packaging is 100% recyclable and is made from made recycled fibres. Customers can either return the kitchen door, reusing the packaging, to send this back to the manufacture or they can keep the door sample and recycle the packaging at home. The aim of this pack is that the packaging is made from recycled materials, can be recycled, and can reused several times all drastically reducing the Co2 impact of these products.

Cepac won three awards at the 2021 UK Packaging Awards. See our news pages for more info on our other wins.

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