2021 Winners - Corrugated Retail Ready and Point of Sale

Cepac won the award for Corrugated Retail Ready and Point of Sale at the 2021 UK Packaging Awards.

Our submission, for Campo Viejo, demonstrates the power of standout design in the retail environment and was a major success for our client and the brand. Read on to see what we achieved.

Can you show examples of production quality?

Corrugate edges were hidden by design, leaving no fluting visible to the customer and making every inch of the display look premium.

We payed close attention to brand colour matching, ensuring clear brand recognition in store.

The display was in Sainsbury’s for three weeks and as such was designed to withstand weeks of use in a high footfall area with regular restocking.


Explain the ease-of-use for store operatives?

The display could be delivered flat packed to the store and easily implemented by a single merchandiser.

Minimising the amount of material used in the construction of the display had the dual benefit of reducing the complexity of the assembly instore (less pieces) and reduced the environmental impact of the display (less pieces).

Despite the theatrical impression they made, all the units fitted readily into two standard pallet locations in the foyer. The display consisted of two simple shelf displays which repeated to form the four sides. The clear instructions also contain a link to a video of the display being constructed.


Explain the product's in-store standout

The temporary foyer display featuring the full Campo Viejo wine range in Sainsbury’s stores as part of a project into creating ‘Moments of Wow’ for the Sainsbury’s customer.

The finished result was a display which could easily hold 92 bottles of wine. The scale alone made for quite the wow factor. Creating a 360-dregee to highlight the range of Campo Viejo really gave the display standout in store without compromising on stock availability in this high footfall area.


Provide evidence on how the pack met the brief

Our brief was to create a Campo Viejo experience for the customer in Sainsburys foyers. Cepac created the initial design visuals for this concept using the Campo Viejo branding as our inspiration. The chosen concept was designed to have 360-degree impact in the retailer’s foyer and would feature the entire Campo Viejo range. The striking design ensured clear brand recognition. The success of this project was in creating a unique display to engage shoppers.

Our team created excellent standout whilst making the most of material choice and maximising branding opportunities.

The unique shape of the display allowed product display on all sides, and at multiple heights. It was important that this product could be easily shopped and replenished as required.

Our structural designers considered the practical complications of manufacturing and delivering a display of this nature. Merchandisers could fit more than one display into the car when taking the displays to store. Improving their call to store by reducing the number of trips they had to make.


Cepac won three awards at this years UK Packaging Awards. Keep an eye on our news pages for more updates in the coming weeks.

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