As the UK’s leading independent integrated corrugated packaging provider, we have the skills and expertise to deliver high-performance, high-definition products.

Whatever your requirements, we bring together advanced technology, pro-active design and outstanding customer service to find the optimum solution.

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Performance Packaging

In the last 20 years we have become industry leaders in the progress of Performance Packaging. We are committed to a sustainable future, putting our focus into minimising the amount of materials we use and always looking for ways to out-perform existing standards. 

Our ability to buy paper independently and test our products in our laboratories puts us at a distinct advantage when it comes to cost-effective solutions. 

To bring our vision to life, we have developed specialist techniques using high-quality raw materials and have incorporated pressure sensor technology as an integral part of our production process.

Wheat Starch Adhesive

We use wheat starch in our products as it has been proven to be the most effective adhesive on high-speed corrugators.

Like all of our raw materials, we’ve tested wheat starch against other alternatives to make sure we have the best-performing solution.

Our laboratories have found that less wheat starch adhesive is required than conventional adhesives, it leaves less moisture in the board and it requires much less heat and energy in the production process.

Complete Packaging Protocol

It takes the perfect mix of experience, advanced technology and comprehensive analysis at every stage to find the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solution. Using our expertise, we have developed the complete packaging protocol to make sure we deliver the best performing product every time.

Alongside investments in Pressure Sensor Technology, we use high spec raw materials to establish a more uniform Flute Profile which in turn allows us to achieve a higher strength to weight ratio. Greater strength means improved line performance on case erecting and packing equipment and better overall performance throughout the supply chain.


Flute Profile Preservation

In conventional corrugated packaging, a large proportion of the board strength is lost in the manufacturing process.

However, at Cepac we incorporate pressure sensor technology into our production lines, an innovative step that minimises the pressure applied to the board during the conversion process. This doesn’t just maintain the core strength of the packaging; it also means we are able to use less materials.

We supply customers with a much stronger product, at a reduced cost, while also removing packaging waste from your supply chain.