Retail-ready and Shelf-ready Packaging

With wide-ranging experience in FMCG packaging, we know exactly what’s needed to get your product on and off the shelf. Packaging that’s fit for purpose, both in store and in the warehouse, is crucial in what can be an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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A top-shelf solution

In today’s fast moving retail world, it’s important to find a solution that’s suitable across all store formats. Our Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) and Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP) solutions are carefully designed to help drive sales and drive them faster.
RRP is the most considered approach to packaging, taking into account your supply chain requirements, shelf replenishment and how it looks to the shopper on the shelf.
SRP focuses primarily on faster replenishment of your product in store, with particular attention paid to making your products easier to merchandise, easier to open, easier to identify (both shop workers and shoppers) and easier to recycle.


See the difference

We also understand what it takes to stand out in the shopper environment. Our retail-ready and shelf-ready packs are brought to life using a range of Performance Print technologies, including flexo, litho, screen and digital to suit the product in use. In addition, our specialist equipment offers precise die cutting, giving a perfect finish, improved functionality and greater protection. 

Our technology