Conventional Packaging

At Cepac, we design and produce the definitive range of conventional packaging. As a wholly independent company, we have the freedom to test and develop our raw materials before we put them to use.

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There’s more to conventional packaging than you might think

In the past, cost pressures often forced a compromise between price and performance. This drove us to develop the ultimate in cost effective packaging, something we call Performance Packaging.

Our modern, purpose built plants, with their extensive testing facilities, leading edge technology and sophisticated computer based design allow us to produce products which are second to none - in terms of performance, quality and innovation.

More quality

The ability to produce a better performing product is directly linked to the quality of both the materials we use and the technology we employ.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the raw materials are perfect for the job. We work closely with our customers to drive efficiency on the production line, while our Pressure Sensor Technology produces a uniform corrugated board that is lighter and stronger.

This all means you can confidently use our Performance Packaging safe in the knowledge that it is more effective than heavier weight alternatives, with the added benefits of significant transportation cost savings alongside lower material costs, not to mention helping reduce one of the most common problems in our industry – over-packaging.

Our technology

More Innovation

We want to be the first choice for transformational packaging solutions. That’s why we constantly strive to lead the way when it comes to innovation. Thanks to this approach we have established one of the largest and most technologically-advanced corrugated packaging plants in the world.

Today’s retailing practice demands a flexible and prompt response and our independent status and pioneering outlook enables us to be much more responsive and nimbler than the competition.