Introducing our brand new curved corrugated packaging. Arcwise is an innovative technology that enables corrugated  packaging to form eye-catching shapes never seen before in the retail environment. Developed in partnership with SCA, Arcwise gives brand owners real stand-out on shelf using a stronger, lighter and totally sustainable material.

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Way ahead of the curve

Arcwise not only provides excellent performance in the supply chain. It offers limitless innovation and design opportunities across all packaging segments.


The Arcwise® technology is protected by a portfolio of patents and design protections and is a registered trademark of SCA Forest Products AB, a legal entity of the SCA Group.

More performance

Our process utilises high performance papers, optimising board properties, which are then preserved and protected throughout the production process. We have pioneered the use of high performance papers providing strength, improved packaging performance and lighter weight packaging. There is a dedicated and experienced technical team here at Cepac to help you choose the most effective specifications for your needs. Everything is tailored to meet your individual requirements and we’re here for you every step of the way. We believe in continued performance and quality control, a collaborative process that we make a key component of our strong customer partnerships.